Eternity Wedding Package

Eternity Wedding

Available for minimum 16 tables
 (Weekend and Holiday minimum guarantee with 20 tables)
Wedding Dishes
‧ 12 Chinese Dishes Wedding Banquet (per table of 12 persons)
‧ Free Flow of Juice & 2 bottles of red wine per table
‧ Corkage NT$ 600 per bottle of alcoholic drink

Wedding Privileges
‧ 20% Discount on Wedding Food Tasting (per table of 12 persons) or Free Chinese Wedding Food Tasting for 2 persons
‧ Deposit paid: Wedding Food Tasting for one table which must be applied one month before the wedding day.
‧ Free Chinese Wedding Food Tasting Date, Applicable only on Mondays to Fridays. Not applicable on special dates.

Wedding Service and Decorations
‧ Red carpet during Wedding Banquet, Chinese Wedding Banner,  Seasonal floral arrangements for each table
‧ Dining Table Cloths (Choose one out of three colors ) Reception Table Decorations
‧ Wedding Albums, Tables Decorations (Choose one of Red/Pink/Green colors)
‧ Colorful lightings , Bubble Machine
‧ Wedding Sweets, Desserts for Bride and Groom Three -Tiers Wedding Cake(8”,10”,12”)
‧ Champagne Tower and One Bottle of Speaking Wine
‧ Wedding Procedures Consultations and Wedding Host Emcee
‧ Free Duet musical ensemble in wedding Banquet or one of  wedding photo booth machines (for those with guarantee of 20 tables)
‧ Landis Selected Gift for per Person and 100 Pieces of Balloons

Wedding Gifts
‧ 2 Day 1 Night stay in the Executive Suite with two breakfast , One Bottle of Speaking Wine and Fresh Fruits (The wedding Lunch has to be consumed one night before the Wedding.  Wedding Dinner has check in time at 3:00 pm on the wedding day)
‧ The Ladies  Hotel ONE or The Landis Taipei, 2 Day 1 Night stay with two breakfasts (for those with guarantee of 20 tables)

Wedding Guests Services
‧ Free Parking During Wedding Dining Time
‧ Special room rates for invited guests
‧ Guests and friends of wedding couple will receive related services and benefits only during the Wedding day.  Please provide wedding invitation card.

Wedding Package valid from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017
* The Landis Taipei reserves the right to modify, change, and the right to cancel Wedding Package without prior notice.




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