【Let’s cherish the Earth together by creating a positive impact 】

Let’s cherish the Earth together by creating a positive impact on the environment. In line with the importance of practicing ethical choices that brings a safe and livable planet to everyone, The Landis Taipei invites you to join in our journey in moving towards sustainability. We are dedicated in preventing depletion of resources of the earth, thus it is essential for us to practice energy and water conservation and reduce using disposable items. The hotel has developed its going green business for a few years and we are proud to be recognized as the gold-level in the environmental friendly label hotel in 2023. For this, we are especially grateful to all our associates who care about the environment as much as you do.

Each member of our team shares the same interests and jointly contributes in the hotel’s eco-friendly efforts. In line with our going green effort, in the guest rooms, replacement of the heavy room directories with the iPads following the era of digital transformation had taken place. Through simple operations, guests can quickly and in real time access to personalized applications and hotel services.

We highly appreciate your compromise with the government's efforts to reduce the use of plastic items by sacrificing the convenience of using disposable toiletries. Thus, bath lotion, shampoo and hair-conditioner are available in economical bottles. You are encouraged to bring your own personal toiletries for environmental protection reason, however, should you require to obtain any of those items, you may click on the room iPad to purchase a complete bathroom amenity set.

In the meanwhile, the hotel continuous efforts in reducing water consumption has positively resulted in decreasing usage of tap water by 30% over the years. There is a small environmental friendly pillows placed in the bedroom which allows you to let us know your intention in changing the bed linens and towels in the room.

We sincerely thank you for your supportive efforts over the years and would like to share on the hotel’s reduction in carbon footprint program:

23.5% Carbon emissions
30% Tap water usage
37.8% Food waste

It’s wonderful experience to have you along our journey to protect our home and planet together.

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